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Todd  Stevens

Todd Stevens

Financial Associate

Todd Stevens is a Financial Associate with Rundahl Financial Consultants. Todd is an established Communications and Customer Service expert with a passion for helping people navigate their retirements and lessen their monetary concerns.

Todd earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Iowa State University. He is a published author, a former English teacher, and is known for his ability to connect with people. He believes strongly in gaining knowledge, being honest, and finding ways to connect rather than finding ways to collide. He holds several insurance designations, including FLMI (Family Life Management Institute) and ACS (Associate, Customer Service) designations.

 In his free time, Todd enjoys helping and caring for his parents in Johnston. He has two children and three grandchildren – Zoe, Theodore, and Noa. He’s the oldest of four siblings and eight nieces and nephews.

 His hobbies include being an on-air radio talent, college and pro football follower, and is a die-hard fan of hockey’s Boston Bruins. But his true passion is his family and longtime friends.

 He lives by several credos:

“The best indicator of future performance is past performance.”

“Nothing changes behavior like consequences.”

“Do what you say you’re going to do.”

“Promise Short. Deliver Long.

And every one of them is applicable to the financial services industry!

Let’s end with a question: Why are the worlds of Social Security, investments, insurance, and taxes so difficult that the average person just gives up trying to understand?

 This is just a theory, of course. But to me, it’s on purpose, for several reasons. But THEY don’t want to make it easy to understand, or everyone would be taking full advantage of that knowledge. And if everyone was successful in the market, well, it could be very dangerous for the market itself.