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November 20, 2023

Ah, time for the annual Thanksgiving post. This holiday is always held in the highest regard in America. It’s Football! It’s Christmas shopping! It’s Eating pumpkin pie! It’s Sleeping! Or is it?


It’s about driving hours to see someone one day of the year. It’s about getting up early and cooking all morning. It’s about listening to everyone’s drama. It’s about extended table leaves, fine china, and cloth napkins. Or is it?

The holiday generally doesn’t match the blissful joyousness in our minds as it approaches. We don’t think about cranberry sauce the rest of the year. We sit in the company of people we love but don’t necessarily like all the time. A good portion of adults depend on some sort of adult beverage to make it through. So what’s the real draw?

To me, we do it because we all need differing measures of community, of family. The pandemic  taught us just how important human interaction can be. We Love. We Care. We Support. We Listen. In other words, We NEED Each Other.

Everyone else in the house is drawing the same reassuring measure from us. In the end, Thanksgiving really is about family and friends, about bonding, about breaking bread together. It’s something wholesome, even nostalgic for many. The football, turkey, pie, wine, etc., is really the flash of the holiday, not the substance.

That’s my main point this month – that we need each other. We never know when it will be the last Turkey Day for someone…maybe even ourselves. If we keep that top of mind and bench the normal self-indulgence of the day, perhaps this Thanksgiving may just live up to the pictures in our minds.


We are thankful for you, our clients! You enrich our lives and we hope we do the same for yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Todd and the Rundahl Financial staff