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May Opportunities

May Opportunities

May 02, 2022

April showers bring…..May Opportunities


Every spring there are certain traditions that our family holds dear.  On Good Friday, we prep our garden for the annual planting of potatoes and onions.  On Mother’s Day, we break ground for the rest of the garden, including my not so famous tall tomatoes. We plan the new plants for the landscaping of the yard.  This fresh start every year brings a new level of excitement for us. 

The applications have been made, the FAFSA has been completed, and the offer letters have been sent.  A new and exciting chapter is about to begin for many 17- and 18-year-olds. College.  A new chapter of understanding for empty nesters is also about to begin.  Planning for retirement.  As you step into this new adventure, take stock in the next steps to keep your life plan on track.  Here are a few tips:


Revisit your long-term goals...As a parent, I have found that sometimes certain things get put on the back burner out of necessity.  Life itself can consume you with time management challenges and we will often not keep sight of the goals and plans that are outside of the immediate future.  Often having an organized plan can help you to keep on task.  Not to mention someone or something to hold you accountable to those plans.

Review your contributions to all savings plans…For those of you with an employer-based 401K savings plan, you know that saving for the future happens on autopilot every payday.  However, could you raise your contributions?  Maybe you are not contributing enough to capture the entire company match.  What about ROTH 401K alternatives?  Or maybe you are looking to establish additional savings plans outside of your employer plan.

Readdress any new or changed insurance needs…As you and your family mature, both in age and financial worth, there are instrumental times that you should reevaluate your insurance.  It may be more life insurance to carry you to retirement.  Or maybe it is a conversation about Long Term Care and whether it makes sense to consider a plan for this need. 

Rekindle the new excitement of enjoying the golden years…This may sound kind of cheesy.  However, as a 43-year-old who has worked as a Financial Advisor for nearly 20 years, I like to think that though I am a little way away from retirement, I have experienced it thousands of times through the words and expressions of our clients.  I will often ask our clients to “paint me a picture.”  I had a great teacher tell me once that dreamers make the most amazing things, but they need direction.  This is where we can help. 

As a Financial Educator, I understand that sometimes there may be too much information in these areas, and sometimes you need to “go back to school.”  Throughout the year, we will be hosting complimentary financial education seminars at places of higher learning around the state.  Our next event is May 24th and 26th at the FFA Enrichment Center on the Ankeny DMACC campus.  Call our office to reserve your seat.  Hope to see you there.