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Grandparents Day

September 10, 2021

With Grandparent’s Day approaching, we take this time to reflect on those that have come before us, those that have helped shape us, and those that been there for us when we needed them most.  Grandparents.  As with many holidays, there is time for pause and for reflection.  This holiday, there may be an opportunity for you to make sure the Grands or Great-Grands in your life understand and recognize the value they have brought to you. 


I was recently sitting with a client, and in mention of the upcoming holiday, she shared a story with me.  Let me share it with you. 


Jill spoke of the memories that she had with both sides of the family.  Hours spent playing solitaire, going to the lake and feeding the ducks.  Spending time on the farm and learning to sew from Gramma Fitzgerald (side note: Jill now sews and embroiders amazing things which has brought her to a side job with a passion of sewing and creation.).  She shared a story of how she was awarded an opportunity through band to spend a month in 6 foreign countries over Europe.  This was to be an expensive endeavor for her, or at least more than the average high schooler would have in savings.  Her next phone calls were to Grandparents of both sides, asking for some financial assistance to take part in this honorary opportunity.  Both Grands gladly extended an open heart and hand to help finance this once in a lifetime memory for Jill.  Our conversation about these great memories that Jill had continued in various directions and for nearly the next hour as we reveled in funny and not so funny memories of our elders.  If I was to put words in one’s mouth, I would say that Jill has and will forever cherish those days of old with her Grandparents, and likely looks forward to the days when she gets her chance to duplicate some of those same opportune moments with her grandchildren.


What a great story!  I urge all of you to take a moment to give time to your elders, to give warmth to those in times where togetherness has been lacking, and to be there, if only on this day, recognizing the sacrifices and positive memories that these loved ones have brought to all our lives. 


God Bless.